Innovations in concrete paving offering improved surfaces

Major innovations in concrete paving systems will offer customers improved surface finishes - Mike Woof writes US manufacturers continue to dominate the concrete paving sector, with German firm Wirtgen being the only exception. A number of Chinese manufacturers have attempted to enter the concrete paving market with compact machines but have so far had little success in tempting customers away from proven brands. The expertise in for the niche segment of concrete paving remains the preserve of a handful
CMI Concrete Paving
CMI has re-entered the slipform paving market

Major innovations in concrete paving systems will offer customers improved surface finishes - Mike Woof writes

US manufacturers continue to dominate the concrete paving sector, with German firm 2395 Wirtgen being the only exception. A number of Chinese manufacturers have attempted to enter the concrete paving market with compact machines but have so far had little success in tempting customers away from proven brands. The expertise in for the niche segment of concrete paving remains the preserve of a handful of manufacturers of these specialised machines.

One notable development has been the re-entry of the CMI brand to the road machinery market and this includes the introduction of a concrete paver model. The firm is now offering its SF-3 two-track slipform paver, which features a hydraulic extension on both sides of the frame, allowing paving widths from 3.66m to 7.92m. Bolt-on extensions to the frame meanwhile allow paving widths of up to 11m and in this configuration maximum paving depth is 457mm.

Power for the SF-3 comes from a Tier 4 Final 196 Cummins QSG12 diesel delivering 336kW and which drives dual range hydrostatics, allowing higher speeds for moving from one working area to another and a lower range for paving work. The drive motors and gearboxes are mounted directly on the tracks for efficiency, while the SF-3 features a shipping weight of 39 tonnes. A range of options is available to suit different customer requirements.

218 GOMACO is offering new machines and control technologies. The firm’s Commander III has been one of its most successful models and has received a major upgrade, while the company’s advanced G+ control system also benefits from new features. Meanwhile the new GP4 paver is said to combine sophistication with versatility.

Both the Commander III and GP4 have the latest G+ control package, which now offers remote control and can be used with any GOMACO three-track kerb and gutter machine currently equipped with the G+ operating system. The remote unit’s display screen shows key paver functions and allows individual control of each leg of the paver with automatic/manual adjustments for elevation and steering. The operator can stand either on the platform or in a position to get the best view of the working area. The G+ remote control also has an emergency stop button as well as an alert horn, while it is powered by two lithium-ion batteries and a 12-volt charger, while an optional AC adaptor is available.

The new GP4 can pave widths of up to 12.2m and features a smart telescoping frame, smart pivot arms and tight turning steering capabilities. The machine has a dual-telescoping roller frame with smart cylinders and smart telescoping for accurate frame widening. It has an automatic width reference while the modular roller frame allows for a total 4.3m of telescoping ability. The GP4 paver has smart pivot arms for leg positioning, as well as the firm’s smart track steering technology, which allows sharper turning circles than normal for this size of machine. The leg sensors work together with the paver’s G+ control system, providing accurate data on each track’s location and position. The GP4 is also said to be easy to transport as the legs can be turned for loading onto a truck.

The G+ Connect package allows all the smart accessories and guidance systems for the GOMACO paver to be interfaced. The user can connect with 3D guidance packages from 265 Leica Geosystems, 342 Topcon or 2122 Trimble. The G+ Connect system also allows the customer to use an IDBI, tie bar inserter (TBI), power transition adjuster (PTA), GOMACO Smoothness Indicator.

Other sophisticated features of the GP4 include the latest telematics and remote diagnostics technology. The system provides full diagnostics visibility at GOMACO’s headquarters, at the customer’s workshop, or on the job site. The system can transmit G+ settings, configuration and fault history. It also allows software updates, fleet management and service indicators.

According to GOMACO, its Commander III slipformer is more versatile than before and is now available in three- as well as four-track configuration. The new three-track Commander IIIx has three tracks and can also be equipped with latest generation telematics technology. The improved steering system means that the three-leg paver is able to cope with much tighter radii than the earlier machine. This is due to its specially-developed tight turning system, with rotary-sensored slew drives for steering, sensored leg positioning, independent travel circuits to each track, radius software, GOMACO’s three-sensor radius system, and repeatable mold offset.  In addition, special tight radius software has been developed for its G+ control system.

The G+ unit controls all functions, including track angles and variable track speeds to ensure precise control and also prevent scrubbing. The rotary-sensored slew drives are also said to make slipforming kerbs and gutters easier in tight clearance conditions. The track positioning package includes a smart hydraulic cylinder on all three legs, providing precise position data while the intelligent offset uses a smart hydraulic cylinder to telescope the mold mounting.

An option is a camera that can be mounted anywhere on the machine to monitor the slipforming work, which feeds live images to the G+ display on the console. The G+ control system can interface with conventional stringlines as well as the latest 3D guidance system for curb and gutter, tight radius applications. The machine is also offered with GOMACO’s remote diagnostics. Guntert & Zimmerman is now offering the latest version of its S600 concrete paver. This meets the latest emissions requirements for North America and Europe. Like earlier versions of the S600, the latest version suits duties in city streets, secondary roads, highway and airport paving, as well as applications such as barrier walls, off-set paving and zero or minimum clearance paving. The machine can also deliver good smoothness in small or medium-sized jobs.

The firm is also offering its compact S400 unit, which shares many features with the S600. The S400 retains the SmartLeg turnbuckle design that allows fast width changes and according to G&Z, which is said to boost versatility as the unit can be used for offset paving, when fitted with molds to slipform New Jersey barriers. The S400 is equipped with the firm’s AccuSteer system, allowing it to handle tight curves such as kerbs in parking areas or for roads linking to housing developments. Paving widths for the machine range from 2-5.3m as it has a telescopic tractor frame and allows up to 7.5m with extensions. The firm says that rapid width changes can be made using G&Z’s proven TeleEnd system, while the machine can be used in zero clearance applications. The S400 can also be equipped with a dowel bar inserter (DBI).

It has been some time since either 307 Power Curbers or sister firm Power Pavers have released an all-new model, but for 2017 both companies have unveiled new products. From Power Curbers comes the 7700, a multipurpose slipform machine that is designed for a wide variety of both offset applications and paving up to 6m wide. Like the other machines from Power Curbers, it is said to be easy to operate and highly versatile.

The machine has been designed for contractors that handle an array of slipforming tasks such as offset applications like barrier and bridge parapet forming, paving road surfaces or installing drainage ditches. The machine can also be fitted with custom-built molds to handle special duties such as for tunnel projects.For paving use, the 7700 is equipped with hydraulic sides, edge overbuild, and crowning capabilities. It can also be equipped with optional features include a tamper bar, auger or plow, and finishers. The 7700 has a frame that telescopes hydraulically and allows easier changes from paving to offset mode. It has a simple steer track positioning system, which aligns all four crawlers for switching modes. It is also stringless capable, so contractors can use it with 3D/GPS machine controls.

Meanwhile Power Pavers is offering its new 2400 series slipformers, with two track and four track variants available. The four-track SF-2404 can handle offset paving as well as conventional tasks and suits paving widths of up to 7.5m. The two track SF-2402 shares many of the same features, although it does not have the same tight turning capabilities of the SF-2404, which is better suited to operation in urban areas where space can be at a premium. Both the SF-2404 and SF-2402 are stringless-ready from the factory and can be used with the latest 3D positioning technology Leica Geosystems, Topcon, and Trimble.

Wirtgen has upgraded its SP 60 series concrete pavers as well as introducing its new TCM 180i texture cure machine. The 2833 TCM 180i has been designed along modular lines and can be used for paving slabs with widths of up to 18m. The machine utilises similar controls as used to the concrete pavers in the range and is claimed to be easy to use and set up. The unit is able to provide a range of different surface textures and has transverse brooming and spraying capabilities. The machine can also be used to deliver longitudinal brooming or a diagonal finish if required.

Meanwhile the SP 60 range has been broadened with the addition of the SP 64i to the line-up. The SP 64i replaces the earlier SP 500 model and will share many of the technical features of the SP 61i and SP 62i launched earlier. According to Wirtgen, the SP 60 machines feature much of the advanced technology developed for the top-of-the-range SP 90 models, while retaining a great deal of the versatility and manoeuvrability of the proven SP 500 model. As with the firm’s other machines, the SP 60 series can utilise sophisticated 3D control technology.

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