Hexagon acquires UK safety firm Xwatch

The XW Series units help operators set up safe virtual working zones.
Connected Construction / April 26, 2024 1 minute Read
By Mike Woof
Hexagon’s acquisition of UK firm Xwatch expands its portfolio

Hexagon’s acquisition of UK firm Xwatch Safety Solutions is a strategic move that expands its portfolio. Xwatch has been a pioneer in the field of construction machine safety systems with its XW series, which has features such as height control, slew control, and rated capacity indication (RCI).

The XW Series units help operators set up safe virtual working zones, boosting safety measures around equipment. The strategic move for Hexagon is that it follows the collaboration between Xwatch and Leica Geosystems, already part of Hexagon. This has resulted in the innovative 3D Avoidance Zone system.

Coupling the Xwatch XW Series with the 3D machine control systems from Leica Geosystems means that machine operators can now set out safe zones right across a worksite, without having to reset the technology every time the machine is moved. For example, when a wheeled excavator is being used on a highway job alongside live traffic, the operator can carry out the job at each area then move the machine and begin working again immediately. The system ensures that the machine only operates within the limits of safe zone and the boom or counterweight cannot overhang the live traffic lanes. The Xwatch system works with the 3D control from Leica Geosystems to generate a safe working corridor within the restrictions of the highway. And the system disables the machine hydraulics if the operator accidentally moves beyond the safe working zone.

This is a significant step as it integrates the safety solutions from Xwatch within Hexagon’s range of construction tools to improve risk management and decision-making processes, delivering safer construction environments.

Dan Leaney, director of Sales and Operations at Xwatch Safety Solutions commented: "Joining Hexagon represents a transformative opportunity for us to push the boundaries of safety technology in the construction industry. It allows us to leverage Hexagon's global expertise and reach, bringing our cutting-edge safety solutions to a wider audience and significantly impacting worker safety worldwide.  

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