Improved construction software from Topcon

Topcon Positioning is introducing the latest version of its software package for construction and survey professionals: MAGNET 7.
Topcon is now offering its latest MAGNET 7 software package
Topcon is now offering its latest MAGNET 7 software package

The firm says that this package benefits from cloud-based connectivity for streamlining workflows through GNSS receivers, total stations, and other positioning tools and instruments. The company says that the new version of the software addresses needs to increase productivity, efficiency, and profitability levels across the jobsite spectrum. The software also improves accuracy while managing data and collaboration with the project team in real time.

Topcon says that the package comprises field software, cloud services, integrated office software and third-party integrations. Upgrades in the field version of the software improve 3D model support, reporting, and interactivity in working directly on a visual map. Additionally, there are improvements in data handling for large and complex 3D projects.

Productivity-driven features within the upgraded office solution include an ability to connect to the newest version of the Sitelink3D jobsite monitoring and management system. This enables office personnel to send machine models to machines onsite via the web portal. The new connection also allows access to the Haul Truck app, which improves efficiency in the mass haul environment by sending real-time data directly to the master schedule.

Additional benefits in the office include a new capability for calculating International Roughness Index (IRI) for resurfacing projects. For added efficiency, IRI data exports directly to ProVAL formats, commonly used in the paving industry, to report and validate road surface smoothness against guidelines set by government transportation departments. The package has improved terrain modeling capabilities for surveyors and an increase in file-type capabilities.

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