Improving road asset monitoring with TRL

Connected Construction / September 24, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
National Highways is boosting asset monitoring efficiency with the adoption of the latest technology from TRL

TRL Software has rolled out a new digital pavement asset management system for National Highways (NH) called P-AMS. The new P-AMS system is a customised for NH version of TRL Software's cloud-based digital product iROADS, which is a commercially available off-the-shelf platform designed for various infrastructure assets. 

And TRL Software’s Road Asset Management Software iROADS has been updated to include a ground-breaking Open Developer Portal. This state-of-the-art platform enables third-party developers and consumers to access client data through standard Open APIs, driving innovation, creating new data products and services, and unlocking data from silos.

Using iROADS as the new, digital asset management system allows TRL to deliver a cost-effective, user-friendly platform, with fully customised specifications. P-AMS forms part of NH’s Asset Management Transformation and will help to support the delivery of its Digital Roads Strategy, creating more efficient ways of working through improved digital integration. The new system was developed to align with its emerging Asset Management System Strategy (AMSS). AMSS compliance will ensure the new system supports cross-asset data access and analysis, and the company’s new data model.

The road pavement is an essential part of the UK’s national network, over 7,250 km in length and worth over £82 billion, the information stored in P-AMS critical for informing decisions around future requirements. 

Using P-AMS iROADS provides quicker and simpler access to insights about the road network, improving day-to-day decision-making and reducing time wasted trying to get hold of data. This leads to accelerated strategic decisions, allowing for improved operational efficiency, accurate forecasting, and quantifiable decisions for the National Highways team. 

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