Innovation for mapping utilities

Gaist is offering a mapping solution it believes could boost efficiency for the utilities market
Measurement, Survey, Design & Software / February 13, 2020
Accurate mapping Gaist
Accurate mapping of utilities can be achieved with the new package from Gaist

This novel infrastructure digital twin tool is now being offered to the utilities market. The package can cut the cost and time of construction works and can increase efficiency by 10% at 0.01% of the project cost.

Gaist covers over 341,500km of the UK’s roads and pathways with more than a billion high-definition images. The firm says that this offers a complete and precise view of the highway network. Planners and engineers can explore the network from their desktop, enabling them to make cost-effective and informed decisions when planning and carrying out projects on roads.

This solution is said to add value to utility providers by identifying surface types and the accurate location of utility assets, as well as providing the ability to measure, which allows for accurate budgeting, planning design and delivery. The package allows providers to get it right first time. The data can also aid on-site inductions and briefings, mitigate health and safety risks and reduce costs through negating the need for on-site surveys.

Additionally, Gaist can provide complementary and value-added services such as ground-penetrating radar, traffic management, exact location of services and rod and rope duct proofing. The tool answers questions such as to what is needed to prepare for planned maintenance, or what percentage of roads are ready for fibre.

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