Site visibility with Volvo CE Connected Map

Connected Map will display many typical site features and landmarks, including roads, to help operators navigate the site.
Connected Construction / April 16, 2024 1 minute Read
By Guy Woodford
Volvo CE Connected Map offers users complete visibility of their job site

Volvo Construction Equipment’s (Volvo CE) Connected Map provides complete visibility of the job site by giving a real-time visual overview of the position of every machine, vehicle and visitor on a customer's site.

The intelligent positioning service can be accessed by all site personnel, both in the machine (via Volvo Co-Pilot or an Android/iOS device) and in the office (via the Office portal).

Connected Map will display many typical site features and landmarks, including roads to help operators navigate the site, loading zones, unloading zones, speed zones and restricted areas. Points of interest such as offices, workshops, and service stations can also be visualised, which is particularly useful for new or temporary operators. Single-lane (narrow road) sections can be defined as warning the operator if another machine is approaching in a single-lane section, helping to avoid traffic jams.

Connected Map users can also stay informed about the location of their machines, thanks to Connected Map's search functionality, which will search and find users or machines in real-time, with the machine's last position visible for 30 days. Away from the office, Connected Map makes it easier for the operator to familiarise themselves with the site and know where everyone is, including visitors, helping to facilitate a simpler, safer and less stressful operation.

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