Sophisticated machine control solution from Topcon

Topcon Positioning says that its new MC-Max machine control solution is a scalable solution for use with mixed-fleets of heavy equipment.
The new package from Topcon allows users to integrate machines in mixed fleets
The new package from Topcon allows users to integrate machines in mixed fleets

The system is based on the firm’s MC-X machine control platform, and backed by Sitelink3D, the cloud-based data management ecosystem. MC-Max is designed to adapt to the needs of the customer for machine control and data integration as fleets and workflows expand.   

MC-Max is said to boost processing power, speed, accuracy, versatility and reliability. It can be installed on a full range of dozers and excavators, using modular components. Modern, redesigned user and product interfaces were developed based on real-world applications and customer feedback and is said to allow operators to learn the system easily.

“With MC-Max, we’ve created a solution that is flexible and can continue to grow as a contractor’s needs and capabilities expand,” said Jamie Williamson, executive vice president, Topcon Positioning Group. “This new solution provides improved scalability and precision in the field and offers business owners real-time data integration, connectivity and resource management capabilities across their entire workflow.”

The MC-Max solution offers flexible mounting solutions, as well as optional automatic blade and bucket control for a variety of machines. The system also provides a full battery of positioning technologies ranging from slope control to laser, multi-constellation GNSS, robotic total station and Millimeter GPS systems.

MC-Max provides project managers a real-time view of machine positions, activities and onsite progress, and is compatible with a wide range of site communications systems.

The Topcon MC-X platform makes machine control easy to use and affordable for all contractors. The platform ties together mixed fleets by interacting with multiple versions of 3D-MC, providing connectivity to Sitelink3D and taking advantage of the multi-constellation capabilities of GNSS antennas.

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