Surveying software from Trimble

Trimble has introduced its Siteworks SE Starter Edition, an entry-level, easy-to-use construction surveying software.
Trimble is now offering a new version of its Siteworks package
Trimble is now offering a new version of its Siteworks package

Using a construction GNSS receiver, site personnel can check a grade, slope or alignment and navigate the project more accurately and in less time than with conventional survey methods. Budget-conscious contractors can also achieve a quick return on investment by giving more site personnel access to survey technology, boosting productivity and efficiency in the field.

The Siteworks SE Software is a simplified version of the firm’s existing Siteworks Software. It is aimed at users who do not require a full feature set and are interested in a lower-cost version to connect to GNSS only. The same graphics and features found in Siteworks make the software easy to learn.

Using the same data folder structure, file formats and workflows, the Siteworks SE Software is fully compatible with the Siteworks Software. Contractors can also upgrade to the full version.

The Siteworks SE Software can be used by contractors who want to determine their location on a project, see cut/fill values to a design surface or alignment, or visualise constructible models in 3D. Users can measure feature points, lines and areas, or navigate to points, lines and alignments, and create PDF reports. A special mode allows users to capture accurate measurements on steep slopes from a moving vehicle. Trimble Siteworks SE is compatible with a wide range of GNSS hardware configurations to meet the contractor’s business needs and budget requirements.

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