Smooth paving achieved for a race track

According to Ammann, its latest asphalt pavers and compactors can help deliver sustainable road building needs. The firm’s latest asphalt pavers now feature EcoMode technology that automatically adjust engine speed to jobsite requirements through a variably controlled system. This package reduces fuel consumption as well as machine noise and also helps to extend engine life.
Ammann’s latest pavers feature sophisticated systems to help optimise paving quality
Ammann’s latest pavers feature sophisticated systems to help optimise paving quality

The patented VarioSpeed drive concept furthers lowers fuel consumption by ensuring optimal engine speed at all times. Load-sensing, the hydraulic system determines power demand and automatically controls the engine speed accordingly. Fuel savings of up to 15% can be achieved as a result.

The automated PaveManager 2.0 system continuously monitors the paving process and supplies feedback to operators, controlling key functions for precise results. This is said to package minimise material wastage as well as emissions, while delivering a quality finish.

For compacting asphalt, Ammann’s ACE monitors progress and automatically adjusts amplitude and frequency based on ground characteristics. The firm says that this system can reduce the number of passes a roller need to make, with further benefits for reducing fuel consumption and machine wear. As the  automation package controls the delivery of compaction forces, it is also said to allow inexperienced operators to achieve high-quality results.

Ammann says that its ACE ensures optimum compaction is achieved and also helps to prevent the need for costly reworking. In addition, the ACE system also helps to extend the life of the compacted material, by providing a homogenous surface without weak spots.

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