Arup and Ramboll partners for Highways England

Arup and Ramboll have a partnership deal for Highways England.
Road Structures / July 17, 2020 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Arup and Ramboll will work together on road planning work for Highways England in the South East - image © courtesy of Mike Woof

Arup and Ramboll have a partnership for the Technical Adviser role on the Highways England Regional Delivery Partnership Framework in East and South East region.

Winning in Lot 5 of the framework, Arup, assisted by Ramboll, will provide technical advisory support to Highways England in the East and South East region on future schemes of greater than £100 million.

The role will involve recommending and identifying the best route options for future schemes and providing support to Highways England throughout the design development and delivery phases.

The six-year framework has been designed to support the delivery of the Regional Investment Programme which aims to enhance the safety, capacity and reliability of England’s Strategic Road Network (SRN).

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