Azerbaijan bridge project underway

An important bridge project is underway in Azerbaijan.
Road Structures / January 10, 2022 17 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
An important new bridge link is being built in Azerbaijan – image courtesy of © Llucky78,

A new bridge being built in Azerbaijan will provide an important transport connection with its neighbours, Georgia and Armenia. The 290m bridge spans the Tovuzchay River and forms part of the highway between Azerbaijan’s capital Baku and Qazax.

The highway is being widened and uprated in a bid to improve safety and capacity and will feature two lanes in either direction once the work is complete. Better transport between Azerbaijan and its neighbours will help boost economic activity in the region. The highway upgrade forms part of a wider plan to build new transport corridors in the region. Road development and maintenance works will help traffic flow in Baku as well as across the country.