California connector contract

A key California connector contract is being approved.
Road Structures / February 22, 2021 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new connector to the south of San Francisco is planned to boost traffic flow and cut congestion - image courtesy of © Andreistanescu,
An important project is being planned in California that will help cut congestion on the busy I-101 route. The aim of the work will be to improve the connection between I-101 and SR92 at San Mateo, just to the south of San Francisco.

The work has an estimated cost of US$173–$193 million. The necessary approvals for the work are being sought at present, with the plans for the work being managed by the California Department of Transportation (CalDOT).

The new connector is needed as both I-101 and SR92 are notorious for their heavy traffic volumes at peak periods. The existing junction between the interstate highway and SR92 is subject to frequent traffic delays in the morning and evening rush hour. Crashes are a not uncommon occurrence and these can increased traffic delays considerably.

The SR92 route traverses the bay across the San Mateo Bay Bridge to the immediate east of this point, while !-101 is the key north-south route in California. This junction is a focus for many commuters travelling to and from the main business areas and commercial and industrial areas around San Francisco.
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