Challenging Serbian highway project

A challenging Serbian highway project is being planned.
Road Structures / March 15, 2021 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A Serbian highway link is being planned – image courtesy of © Hyotographics,

A highly challenging road project is now at the planning stage in Serbia. The new road section will connect Pozega in the west of the country with Kotroman, which lies close to Serbia's border with Bosnia. The existing road features numerous dangerous curves and is not considered suitable for the heavy traffic that has to use the route.

Construction of the new route will include building 66 tunnels and 27 bridges so as to cope with the topography along the route. Neither the pricetag for the project nor the funding source that will pay for the works have yet been revealed. But given the number of tunnel sections and bridges required along the route, the project will be costly.