Chinese city announces transport upgrade plans

The Chinese city of Guilin has announced major transport upgrade plans.
Road Structures / April 9, 2020 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
The scenic city of Guilin is a popular holiday destination within China and improving transport will further develop this sector - image © courtesy of Wangyun,

The city of Guilin in Southern China has announced plans for substantial upgrades to its transport infrastructure. In all, 26 transportation improvement projects have been revealed for the city by the local authorities. In all, the work is expected to cost US$5.3 bilion.

Of the 26 projects announced, 23 will be for road upgrades or new construction work. The plans call for work to improve or build 947km of roads. Another part of the plan will be to build two sections of high speed rail measuring a total of 430km.

Guilin is located in China’s Guangxi Province and lies around 170km to the north east of the city of Liuzhou, where construction machinery manufacturer LiuGong has its headquarters. Building the new road (and rail) connections in Guilin will help develop the city’s tourist trade as it is a popular destination within China and famed for its scenery.