Colombian road contracts being awarded

A series of Colombian road contracts will be awarded in coming months.
Road Structures / May 31, 2021 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Colombia’s infrastructure development programme continues - image © courtesy of Norman Chan,
Important road contracts will be awarded in Colombia in 2021. These 12 projects will form part of fifth generation (5G) infrastructure plan.
The contracts will be awarded by Colombia’s national infrastructure agency (ANI). The projects include work to the Buga-Loboguerrero road and Loboguerrero-Buenaventura road. Another contract is for work to phase one and phase two of the Troncal del Magdalena road project.

The contract for the Valle del Cauca motorway network project has been awarded and construction should commence in 2022. The tender process is opening for the Accesos Norte fase II road project.

The first phase of Colombia's 5G programme is for 15 projects worth nearly US$5.86 billion. In total there are 26 infrastructure projects for the 5G programme, worth nearly $13.5 billion.

Meanwhile, the second bore for the Tunel de Amaga tunnel has now been driven ahead of schedule, while driving of the first bore was completed in April, 16 months ahead of schedule. The twin bores are now being fully supported, lined and fitted with the necessary waterproofing. Building the 3.6km, twin tube tunnel is costing $222.4 million and it forms a key link in the 50km Pacifico 1 road project, which is costing a total of $694.5 million.