Construction underway on new Chinese sea crossing

Construction is now underway on a new Chinese sea crossing.
Road Structures / June 22, 2020 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
Road transport to and from the Gaolan Port will be improved with the construction of a new sea crossing - image © courtesy of Pa2011,

Construction work is now underway in China for the new Huangmao Sea Channel crossing project. The crossing will feature three lanes in either direction and stretch 30km in total, connecting the Gaolan Port Economic Zone with Taishan in Jiangmen.

The work commenced six months ahead of schedule and is expected to take until 2024 to complete. Once the crossing is ready for traffic, it will also connect with the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao link. The crossing will also connect with the Guangdong Western Coastal Expressway in Taishan, and will link to the Xintai-Taierzhuang Expressway in Shandong Province.

In all, the crossing will feature 17 bridges as well as a number of tunnel sections. Four interchanges and a service area are also included in the project.

Opening the link will shorten the driving distance between Guanghai Bay and Macao by 18km.