Controversy for French highway under construction

Controversy surrounds a major French highway under construction.
Road Structures / June 18, 2024 27 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Demonstrations have been held against the new A69 highway in France that will improve travel between the town of Castres and the city of Lyons – image courtesy of © Iakov Filimonov|

Construction work on the new A69 highway in France is the subject of much controversy at present. Work started on the highway in March 2024, however there have been major protests by environmentalists over the project.

When complete, the 53km route will connect the historic town of Castres with the existing A68 motorway linking Toulouse and Albi. The road will improve transport between Castres and Mazamet. However, environmentalists say that the project will cause extensive damage to wetland areas, affecting groundwater levels.

Up to 7,000 protestors demonstrated against the project until the demonstrations were banned by local authorities in the area.

An inquiry into the project has been started but now looks to be delayed (and possibly halted altogether) by the upcoming election in France. Meanwhile, the French Government has admitted that the reason the project continues is because construction has already commenced. Whether the project is either wanted or required by locals is unclear.