Copenhagen road tunnel contract

A major Copenhagen road tunnel contract has been awarded.
Road Structures / September 14, 2022 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new tunnel link will improve transport to and from Copenhagen’s port area – image courtesy of © Carsten Medom Madsen |

A partnership between NV BESIX and MT Højgaard Danmark look set to build the Nordhavn tunnel in Copenhagen. A conditional contract for the project has been agreed between the partners with the Danish Road Directorate.

In addition, NV BESIX and MT Højgaard Danmark plan to work with Niras, Bravida Danmark and Jacobs Sverige on the project. The tunnel is intended to link Østerbro and Nordhavn. The new tunnel will provide better transport access for the port while also reducing truck movements on the road system at Østerbro. Construction of the link is expected to cost €349.6 million and should be complete by 2027.

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