Delays for New Zealand expressway project

Delays are hitting New Zealand’s Otaki expressway project.
Road Structures / August 24, 2020 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Delays for New Zealand’s Otaki expressway project – image courtesy of © Wollertz,

Construction delays are now affecting progress on New Zealand’s Otaki expressway project. The COVID 19 pandemic has resulted in construction delays for the project, which is being built in the city of Wellington.

Another problem for the project has been an increase in its cost. Building the Otaki expressway was originally expected to cost US$138.5 million (NZ$215 million). However, the cost has spiralled and it will now likely come with a pricetag of close to $261 million (NZ$405 million).

The project was originally expected to be ready for traffic in 2020. However, the delays mean that it will not now be ready for traffic until 2022.