Egypt’s road and bridge development plans

Egypt is continuing with its road and bridge development programme.
Road Structures / April 14, 2020 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof

Egypt is continuing with its programme of road and bridge construction. One of the latest projects will see road and bridge construction being implemented in New Alamein City.

The plans were announced by Egypt’s Ministry of Housing and New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA). The work is worth US$142 million in all.

One of the major portions of the project is building a new alignment for a 38km stretch of the International Coastal Road. Much of this work has already been carried out.

Another important portion of the project is the building of a new alignment for the South Marine Road, which measures 10km. Meanwhile, six bridges will also be built, including one for pedestrians only.

The construction of New Alamein City is an important project for Egypt. Located on the Mediterranean coast, the development is intended to boost tourism and also to add residential properties in the area. Much of the construction work is being carried out by The Arab Contractors. The project is intended to champion sustainable development in Egypt.