Hungarian bypass contract for STRABAG

STRABAG has been awarded a major Hungarian bypass contract.
Road Structures / September 14, 2021 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
STRABAG has the contract to widen an additional stretch of the 67 expressway in Hungary – image courtesy of STRABAG
STRABAG has another contract in Hungary for work on expressway 67. The firm will widen the route along a 010km stretch so that it features two lanes in either direction, with the package of works being worth around €77 million.

The improvement work to the existing stretch of the Látrány bypass will also now allow maximum speeds of up to 110km/h. Once the work is complete, the 67 expressway will have four lanes between Kaposvár and the junction with the M7 motorway.

“This project helps to close an important gap along the corridor from Lake Balaton to southern Hungary,” said Thomas Birtel, CEO of STRABAG SE. “But the 67 expressway is also a very special project for us, as we had the pleasure of building a ‘musical’ section of the same road a few years ago.”

The project comprises the construction of eight bridges, two wildlife corridors and a turbo-roundabout at the junction with the M7. The services include the earthworks, the construction of the new road construction and the renovation of the existing pavement. Work is scheduled to start in Q3 2021 and should last around 30 months.

STRABAG completed the first phase of the expressway upgrade between Kaposfüred and Látrány in December 2019. The project was particularly interesting because of an unusual feature: Cars driving at the prescribed speed over a certain section of the road reproduce the melody to the song “67-es út” (“Route 67”) by Hungarian rock band Republic. This is produced by plastic lane markings on the pavement, generating a sound due to the resonance of car wheels rolling over the markings.
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