Indian highway projects awarded

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has awarded a series of highway projects in Telengana State.
Road Structures / December 6, 2019

Ashoka Concessions (ACL) is now handling a contract worth just over US$135 million to upgrade a 40km stretch of NH-161 between Kandi and Ramsanpalle. In all, three sections of the NH-161 route are being improved and widened to dual carriageway status, with two lanes in either direction. Contracts were previously awarded for the 46.6km section of the route between Ramsanpalle and Mangloor as well as the 49km section of NH-161 between Mangloor and neighbouring Maharashtra State. These latter deals were worth $137 million and $121.6 million respectively. The NH-161 route connects with NH-65 to the west of Hyderabad and runs northwards.