Indonesia’s new capital – preparations commencing

Preparation work is commencing for the construction of Indonesia’s new capital.
Road Structures / March 25, 2020 50 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Indonesia’s current capital, Jakarta, suffers from numerous issues with flooding as one of its problems, the reason why a new capital is being planned - image © courtesy of Akbar Solo,

Work is now commencing in Indonesia to prepare for the construction of the country’s new capital city. The city (named IKN for the moment) will be constructed in East Kalimantan, with key road links giving access to the area now being planned. A 60km road will connect Balikpapan with Sepaku, while another 60km road will link North Penajam Paser with the IKN area and a third will be a 40km stretch from Semboja to the IKN area.
A new airport remains a possibility for the IKN area, while airport facilities will be developed for Balikpapan and Samarinda.

The Indonesian Government has taken the decision to construct a new capital as the existing capital, Jakarta, faces numerous problems. Jakarta suffers from massive congestion and air pollution, is very crowded and is also sinking, with an increasing problem of flooding.

A budget for the development of the new capital has yet to be announced but this will be a long term project that will cost billions.