Major Colombian highway projects underway

A series of major Colombian highway projects is now underway.
Road Structures / January 22, 2021 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Colombia’s highway development programme continues – image courtesy of © Indos82,
Plans are in hand to restart construction work on the Malla Vial del Meta highway project. An agreement for the project has now been reached between contractor Odinsa and Colombia’s the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI). As a result of the talks, some changes have been made to the project to make it more commercially attractive. The concession package for the $462.2 million project remains 30 years, although five years have passed and 25 now remain. The project involves improving 267.4km of roads that connect Villavicencio with Granada and Villavicencio with Puerto Gaitan. The concession package is being managed by a consortium, Concesion Vial de los Llanos, comprising Odinsa, Murcia Murcia, Construcciones El Condor, and Sarugo & CIA SenC.

Meanwhile, Colombia’s Valle del Cauca department has plans for a series of infrastructure improvement works. The projects include the 54.3km Buga-Buenaventura dual carriageway, which is expected to take five years to complete, as well as work for the road linking Mulalo and Loboguerrero.

Other road projects being handled include improvements to the Simon Bolivar road connecting with Buenaventura, the Cali-Candelaria dual carriageway and works to the Cali-Yumbo road as well as work on the Juanchito bridge in Cali.
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