Moscow highway link under construction

An important highway link is now under construction in Moscow.
Road Structures / February 26, 2021 30 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new bypass is being built to the immediate north of Russia’s capital, Moscow - image © courtesy of Mohamed Osama,
Construction work is underway for an important new highway connection in the Moscow Region. The new Severny Bypass will run past Lobnya, to the immediate north of Moscow. The 8km link will join with the existing A-104 highway.

A key section of the new bypass will be an overpass over a busy commuter rail connection. This should be ready for use towards the end of 2022. The overpass section will reduce delays for drivers considerably as at present, rail traffic is high at peak periods and road users have to wait to use the crossing. Another important part of the project will be  new link connecting with Sheremetyevo Airport, which should be ready for traffic in 2025.

The Severny Bypass is expected to carry around 120,000 vehicles/day when it is open.