New bridge for Drammen, Norway

A new bridge will be built in Drammen, Norway.
Road Structures / January 19, 2021 1 minute 10 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new bridge is planned for the Norwegian city of Drammen – image © courtesy of Kvant
A new bridge is to be constructed in the Norwegian city of Drammen. The new bridge will measure 280m in length and will be designed by a team comprising Knight Architects (UK), Saaha (NO), structural engineers Degree of Freedom (NO) and landscape architect Asplan Viak (NO).The new structure will replace an 84-year-old road bridge that spans the River Drammenselva and the local rail station.

The new landmark bridge project forms a key component for the port city’s redevelopment programme. The new City Bridge starts at the station square in Strømsø, the southern part of the city, crossing the newly redeveloped Drammen Rail station, including four platforms and six rail tracks, before stepping over the 150m wide Drammenselva river and tying into the central public square of Bragernes, on the north side of the city. Six stair ramps will provide access to the platforms of the station and to the promenade along the south shore.

The new bridge 19.4m-wide, compared with 15m for the old structure. This will provide additional space for vulnerable road users, while the central carriageway has been designed exclusively for public transport. 

The central element of the bridge, the main river crossing, will be a pair of low lying, shallow steel arches spanning 85m between two narrow piers located close to the river shores.

At both ends of the bridge, significant consideration has been taken to provide a seamless transition between the deck and the local pedestrian and cycle routes. The promenade on the south bank, providing fishing spots and mooring for small boats, will be accessed from the bridge via a bespoke lift.

The development is a joint operation by the City of Drammen (Drammen Kommune) and the Norwegian rail authority Bane NOR which is carried out in two separate lots. Detailed design stage of the bridge will finish in March 2021 and the construction tender will be announced before summer 2021.

Construction works, including the demolition of the existing bridge and the erection of a temporary crossing, will start in 2022. The opening of the new City Bridge is scheduled for 2025.