A new East Africa toll road linking Zambia and Tanzania

A new East Africa toll road is under construction to link Zambia with Tanzania.
Road Structures / October 30, 2023 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new road stretch is being built in East Africa that will improve international transport between Zambia and Tanzania – image courtesy of © Costmo|Dreamstime.com

A 182km toll road stretch that will connect Zambia with Tanzania is now being built. The road will also link through the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

For landlocked Zambia, the route will provide an important connection to Tanzania’s port of Dar es Salaam. The new road will be a dual carriageway and the work involves building additional lanes for some sections of the original route, as well as all-new dual carriageway stretches. The new road will boost transport capacity and improve safety, while reducing journey times and costs.

The work forms part of a larger project to build a new road link connecting Zambia and Tanzania, boosting international trade and transport for East Africa and delivering major economic benefits for all three nations. Once the link is complete, it will cut as much as 500km from the road route linking Zambia, DRC and Tanzania. 

Construction of the road link has been planned for some time but has been subject to a number of delays. The project is one of many new road links being built across East Africa, with Tanzania as well as Kenya and Uganda in particular having invested heavily in road development works.