NEW €781 million Danube Bridge for Hungary

A new €781 million Danube Bridge will be built in Hungary.
Road Structures / May 7, 2024 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new bridge is being built in Hungary at Mohács to span the River Danube – image courtesy of © Belizar|

Hungary plans to build a new bridge spanning the famous Danube River, costing €781 million. The new Mohács Bridge will feature two lanes in either direction as well as facilities for pedestrians and cyclists.

The project will be carried out by Duna Aszfalt and the bridge will be 750m in length. In addition to the bridge itself, the project also includes building 10km of connecting roads with two lanes in either direction and 20km of connecting roads with one lane in either direction. The elegant arched bridge that will span the Danube River has been designed by Gábor Pál.

The project has been discussed for 30 years and should be complete in 2026 and the new bridge will provide an important link for the country by connecting Highway 51 with the M6 motorway. Located in South Hungary, the new bridge will also provide an important international transport link as the historic town of Mohács lies close to the country’s borders with Croatia and Serbia. The opening of the bridge is intended to coincide with the 500th anniversary of the battle of Mohács.

The project is one of several upgrades to transport infrastructure in the country.