A new Malaysia-Indonesia link

A new Malaysia-Indonesia road link is being planned.
Road Structures / September 29, 2022 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new road link connecting Malaysia and Indonesia is under discussion – image courtesy of © Butenkow | Dreamstime.com

A new road link connecting Malaysia and Indonesia measuring 120km is under discussion between the two nations. The route would link Dumai in Sumatra, Indonesia with Telok Gong in Masjid Tanah in Melaka, Malaysia. The two countries intend to build the road corridor as a joint project using private funding. This long-term project could take up to 20 years to complete while the estimated cost of the work has yet to be revealed.

Included in the project would be the construction of either a tunnel or bridge connection, as well as the necessary immigration and custom facilities. A large industrial area would also be built close to the border between the two countries as part of the project. Construction of the road corridor would increase trade and transport between the two nations, providing and important economic boost.

The funding method for the project and the split on responsibility for the costs of the work between the two nations has yet to be revealed however. The announcement of the project follows earlier news of an accord between Malaysia and Thailand to develop a joint transport corridor.