New Mexican bridge project being planned

Talks are being held over Mexico’s proposed Nichupte lake bridge project near Cancun.
Road Structures / February 7, 2020 30 seonds Read
By MJ Woof
Building the new bridge should help alleviate the heavy traffic congestion that occurs in and around Mexico’s popular Cancun holiday destination – image ©courtesy of Sarah Biswell

Discussions are being carried out over the planned Nichupte lake bridge project for Mexico’s Cancun area. The new bridge would span the lake and provide a better connection to hotels in this popular holiday destination. The construction work for the bridge is expected to cost over US$239 million to carry out and the project looks likely to be carried out under the PPP model.

The planned bridge design calls for a structure measuring some 8.4km in length while its construction is required due to the heavy traffic congestion in and around the Cancun area. Construction company Controladora de Operaciones de Infraestructura has already made an offer for the work to Quintana Roo State.