A new Norwegian bridge project

A new Norwegian bridge project will be built.
Road Structures / June 15, 2020 1 minute 5 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new bridge is planned in Norway to carry the E6 highway across Lake Mjøsa - image © courtesy BESIX

Final decisions have yet to be made for a new bridge project in Norway. A number of proposals have been made for the bridge, which will be built near to Moelv, lying to the north of capital Oslo.

The project is being handled by Norway’s road authority, Nye Veier. A number of proposals have been made for the bridge link. Following an international tender process, Nye Veier selected the offer made by a joint venture comprising BESIX and Rizzani de Eccher, as well as Norwegian contractor AF Gruppen, designer Multiconsult and architect Knut Selberg.

Work could commence as early as August 2020 while the project could be complete by 2025.

The project includes building a 1.35km bridge spanning Lake Mjøsa as well as upgrading an 11km stretch of highway between Moelv and Roterud, which is part of the important E6 route. The contract involves widening the existing road and the construction of new ones. In addition, there are several small bridges and culverts along the alignment that will have to be adapted.

Environmental aspects are being considered highly in the project, with the structure intended to be extremely aesthetic while its construction is also intended to have the minimum possible impact on the location. A novel part of the project is that a high percentage of wood will be used in the building of the bridge.

Lake Mjøsa is the largest lake in Norway and at 80m deep, also one of the deepest in Europe.

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