New road and bridge projects for Vietnam

New road and bridge projects are being planned for Vietnam.
Road Structures / May 27, 2020 1 minute 5 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Vietnam’s extensive transport infrastructure works, including a new bridge in HCMC, will improve the country’s economy – image © courtesy of Dmitrii Melnikov,

Vietnam is spending heavily on road and bridge projects in a bid to further develop its growing economy. A series of PPP road projects are being planned, while an important bridge link will be built in due course.

The investor for the Thu Thiem 4 Bridge project in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is to be selected shortly. The bridge construction project will be handled under the PPP model. Measuring 2.2km in length, the Thu Thiem 4 Bridge will link HCMC’s District 2 and District 7. Design work for the bridge has yet to be completed.

The work for the Thu Thiem 4 Bridge project is being overseen by the Department of Planning and Investment in HCMC. Spanning the Saigon River, the bridge is expected to cost around US$223 million to build. The bridge will feature three lanes of traffic in either direction as well as facilities for pedestrians and cyclists, while it will have a design life of 100 years.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport meanwhile is working on plans for no less than eight sections of the North-South Expressway project. The eight sections are from: Phan Thiet to Dau Giay; Vinh Hao to Phan Thiet; Cam Lam to Vinh Hao; Nha Trang to Cam Lam; Dien Chau to Bai Vot; Nghi Son to Dien Chau; National Highway 45 to Nghi Son; Mai Son to National Highway 45.

Work should commence in 2020 and be completed by 2022. These eight stretches of the North-South Expressway should cost $4.27 billion to build.