New toll road for Jamaica

A new toll road will improve transport in Jamaica.
Road Structures / October 23, 2020 20 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new toll road extension project is being planned in Jamaica – image courtesy of © Marko Bukorovic,
A new toll road connection is being planned for Jamaica, which will help improve transport across the island. A budget of US$4.6 billion has been set for the project. The eventual aim of the project is for a toll road connecting capital Kingston, on Jamaica’s southern coast, with Montego Bay, in the north east of the island.

The toll road is being built in phases and this next stage will provide an improved connection between May Pen and Williamsfield. This extends the 43.5km T1 route that currently runs from Kingston to May Pen. The new toll road will require the construction of a number of new bridges as well as structures to ensure effective drainage.