A new tunnel for Vietnam

A new road tunnel link is planned for Vietnam.
Road Structures / March 22, 2023 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new tunnel project in Vietnam will boost safety and cut journey times – image courtesy of © Butenkow | Dreamstime.com

A new road tunnel project is being planned for Vietnam that will replace a section of National Highway 4D. The new tunnel will provide a better connection between Lao Cai Province and Lai Chau Province in Northern Vietnam, close to the border with China.

Construction of the tunnel will provide a safer and quicker alternative route to the existing Hoang Lien Pass (also known as the O Quy Ho Pass). The 22km pass is at an altitude of 2,000m and can be challenging in winter months. Construction of the new tunnel will boost safety for drivers, while also reducing journey time from two hours to just 11 minutes.

The new tunnel will provide an important link for the Hoang Lien National Park, helping boost tourism to the area. The project will be managed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport.

Meanwhile, a proposal has been made for a new 58km expressway linking Bac Lieu Province, Soc Trang Province and Hau Giang Province. The work has an estimated pricetag of $958 million and should take until 2030 to complete if the go ahead is given. Construction of the expressway will improve connectivity for the Mekong Delta area.