North-South Nigeria road link

A North-South Nigeria road link is planned.
Road Structures / May 20, 2024 38.5 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A new highway will connect North West Nigeria with South West Nigeria – image courtesy of © Nsikak Ekong

A new 1,000km highway is planned for Nigeria to connect the North West with the South West of the country. A pricetag has yet to be announced for the project but will likely top US$1 billion. The route will connect the city of Sokoto in the North West of Nigeria, and close to the border with Niger, with Badagry in the South West, close to the border with Benin and also Nigeria’s mega city, Lagos. Approval for the design of the road has been given by the Nigerian Government.

Another road connection is also planned to link the new highway through the cities of Enugu and Abakaliki in South East Nigeria to the border with Cameroon.

Meanwhile, a three level interchange project is being carried out in the city of Kano in North Nigeria. The project is worth $37.6 million and the new interchange is located at Kofar Dan'agundi.

And in Osun State a $32.4 million flyover project is being carried out at Ile-Ife. Construction of the flyover should be complete within on year, with the work being carried out by Sammya Nigeria. Maintenance work worth $66.6 million is also being carried out to 56km of local government roads in Osun State.