Norwegian tunnel developments with EVs

Norwegian tunnels will become less costly due to EVs.
Road Structures / March 1, 2021 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Norway’s tunnel costs will be reduced in coming years – image courtesy of © Norman Chan,
As electric vehicles become more common, there will be a corresponding drop in the cost of tunnel construction and maintenance. This is the topic of an announcement from the Norwegian Transport Ministry.

Norway has set a target of ensuring that sales of new diesel or petrol cars will be halted by 2025. Only sales of new electric or fuel cell cars will be permitted.

This will have a substantial benefit for tunnel development projects. By gradually eliminating exhaust pollution from motor vehicles, the requirement for ventilation in tunnels will be reduced.

According to the Norwegian Road Administration (Statens Vegvesen), this could help reduce the cost of Norway’s landmark Rogfast Tunnel project by as much as €29.2 million. The tunnel will be the longest and deepest undersea road tunnel when it is complete.
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