Paraguay road widening contract

A Paraguayan road widening contract will be offered.
Road Structures / April 14, 2022 25 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
A road widening contract will be carried out in Paraguay – image courtesy of © Mycolors,
The tender process is being prepared for a major road widening contract in Paraguay. A 108km stretch of the PY01 road will be improved, boosting transport between Asuncion and Quiindy.

The work is expected to cost US$300 million. A feasibility study into the project is being carried out at present. The tender process for the contract should be handled towards the end of 2022 . The package will be for widening the route as well as maintaining and operating the section of road. The project is being overseen by Paraguay's Ministry of Public Works and Communications.
Meanwhile, the Paraguay Government is looking to source $225 million to pay for upgrading of Route PY12. The stretch connecting  Chaco'i with Jose Maria Bruguez is in particular need of attention and will be the focus for the works. A loan worth $215 million is anticipated from the IADB for the PY12 project.