Record breaking underground parking facility for Shanghai

CRCHI is helping build a record breaking underground parking facility in Shanghai
Road Structures / August 4, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
An SBM built by CRCHI is breaking construction records in Shanghai

A record breaking, innovative smart parking facility is being constructed in Shanghai with help from radical equipment developed by CRCHI. The firm says that it has provided the world's largest shaft boring machine (SBM) for the construction of the underground smart parking garage in Shanghai.

This impressive vertical tunnelling machine weighs in at 230tonnes and has a diameter of 23.02m, with a height of 10m. Called the Dream, the SBM was launched at the underground smart parking garage project in Jing'an District, Shanghai, where it recently descended to the bottom of the foundation pit.

The SBM integrates the excavation, slagging, support and guidance functions for the construction of super-large diameter shafts in soft soil and soft rock strata. The smart parking garage in Jing'an District of Shanghai covers an area of only 286m2.

Construction of underground smart parking garages is becoming more common around the world. The use of a massive SBM makes this sort of project quicker and more efficient. SBMs with diameters of 13m and 14m have been used for various works in the past but this is the first time that an extra-large diameter SBM has been developed with a diameter of more than 15m.

To meet the needs of this large diameter excavation, the CRCHI team developed a complete package of mechanical shaft equipment. The firm says that it has solved the control problems for conventional shafting methods. The firm’s massive Dream machine can now save construction costs by more than 50% and making construction operations safer according to CRCHI.

The underground smart parking garage in Shanghai Jing'an District covers an area of 286ms on the ground and a total of 1,408m2 underground as it features 19 floors. It is planned to build two deep foundation shafts with a diameter of 23m and a burial depth of 53m. Each shaft has 152 mechanical parking spaces, and the ground is for the garage access floor and equipment room. The parking garage will become the underground smart parking garage with the world's largest diameter vertical tunnelling once complete.

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