Romanian bridge works now underway

Work is now underway on a key Romanian bridge project.
Road Structures / March 16, 2020 50 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Building a new suspension bridge will improve transport to and from Romania’s port of Braila – image © courtesy of Craitza,

Construction work is being carried out on the new suspension bridge close to Romania’s port city of Braila. The bridge will span the River Danube and will help improve transport to and from the busy port as well as the city of Braila.

This is the largest bridge project ever carried out in Romania and the structure will be 1,974.3m in length once complete. It will feature a 1,120m main span and other spans of 489.65m and 364.65m on either side, as well as access viaducts that are both 110m in length. The deck is 31.7m-wide while the towers are 192m-high and it offers a clearance of 38m for shipping underneath.

Much of the funding for the project is being provided by the EU. The bridge and highway construction is costing an estimated €435 million. The work also includes building 23km of connecting roads.

The project is being carried out jointly by Italian firm Astaldi and Japanese company IHI. Astaldi holds the majority 60% stake in the project.