Slovakia’s sluggish highway works in 2023

Slovakia’s highway works will be sluggish in 2023.
Road Structures / February 24, 2023 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
New road works in Slovakia will be delayed and cost more than expected – image © courtesy of Andrea Simon |

Slovakia will see only limited highway expansion during 2023. This follows slow progress with highway development works in 2022 also. Just 10km of additional highways will be added to the network in 2023. And in 2022, only 13.5km of highways were opened for use in the country. Work continues to be delayed on the important D1 route connecting capital Bratislava with Kosice.

Slovakia’s National Highway Company (NDS) has agreed with contractor Eurovia to increase the cost of the Bratislava Bypass. It will now cost €134 million to build, an increase of €1.4 million. The route will take until August 2025 to complete. It was originally expected to be ready by mid-2022 but the project has suffered a series of delays.

A series of cost increases are being seen on several Class 1 road projects in Slovakia. These are expected to be around €200 million more expensive than previously on average.