Stockholm Bypass project faces delays

The Stockholm Bypass project is facing delays.
Road Structures / April 27, 2022 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
The Stockholm Bypass project now looks to face delays to its opening
Delays now look likely for the Stockholm Bypass project. The cost of the project also looks likely to increase.

The tunnel stretch of the bypass has been suffering a number of leaks, which have been unexpected. Providing the necessary seals will boost the cost of the project. Estimates suggest that improving the sealing for the tunnel section could cost from €487 million to €877 million. The installation work meanwhile could delay the opening of the Stockholm Bypass by as much as four years.

The link was intended to open for traffic in 2030 but this issue could result in it not being available for drivers until 2034.

The Förbifart Stockholm route includes a series of underground highway tunnels connecting the Kungens Kurva interchange to the south of Stockholm with the Häggvik interchange to the north of Stockholm. Around 17km of the 21km route runs underground.

The project has its deepest point approximately 65m below the surface. Approval for the project was granted in late 2009 and construction work commenced in 2014. Around 140,000 vehicles/day are expected to use the bypass.