Thailand land bridge proposal

A project for a massive land bridge for Thailand has been proposed.
Road Structures / September 21, 2020 35 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Thailand is considering a massive land bridge project to help boost the economy in the south of the country – image courtesy © Woravit Vijitpanya,
The project to construct massive land bridge has been proposed for Thailand. The land bridge would link the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand and would feature both road and rail connections.

The proposed land bridge would be some 100km in length and would provide a transport connection between ports on Thailand’s coast with the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

Building the land bridge would improve transport and develop the economy in Southern Thailand. The project would also provide an alternative transport route to the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), currently being developed.

Included in the project would be new and improved port facilities for the Thailand’s Andaman Sea coast and for the Gulf of Thailand.