Vietnam elevated road works planned

A series of elevated road works is being planned for Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
Road Structures / January 14, 2021 40 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam will benefit from new elevated road links - Image courtesy of © Svetlana German, Dreamstime
Five projects to build elevated roads are being considered for Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Building the new elevated road stretches is intended to help reduce chronic traffic congestion in the city. Construction work on the first new sections of elevated road will commence during 2021.

One project being prioritised is for the Elevated Road No1, which is planned to feature an 8.5km stretch featuring two lanes in either direction as well as a further 1km stretch with one lane in either direction. This project is expected to cost in excess of US$758 million. The project for Elevated Road No5 is also being prioritised.

The programme to build the new elevated road links is being split into two separate phases, with the first already underway and running until 2025 and the second from 2025-2030. Funding for the majority of the work will be delivered through the PPP model.