Vietnam’s road and bridge works continue

Vietnam is continuing with its road and bridge works.
Road Structures / October 4, 2023 45 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Further road and bridge works are being carried out and planned in Vietnam – image courtesy of © Hans Slegers|

Vietnam is continuing with its massive programme of bridge and road works.

The work for an 11.3km section of Beltway No 2 in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is expected to cost US$1.3 billion. Work is being carried out on one stretch while work on a further three stretches should be ready by 2030. The first stretch of the work has been for a 3.4km stretch connecting Vo Van Kiet and Nguyen Van Linh and should be finished by 2027. The project is being managed by the HCMC Department of Transport.

Work will start shortly on a 15km bridge that will span the Hau River. The $340.5 million project for the Dai Ngai Bridge will provide a new link between Nam Song Hau National Highway and National Highway 54.

Vietnam's Department of Planning and Investment has also set a budget of $315 million for a series of traffic infrastructure works.