Efficient pile cropping with NPC

Road Structures / October 10, 2023 1 minute Read
By MJ Woof
National Pile Croppers has expanded its range with the addition of the new Quad XXL model

National Pile Croppers is now offering the Quad XXL model, which is said to be bigger, better and more powerful than previous variants. As with the entire Quad range, it has four powerful and fully synchronised rams with specially designed blades to give an optimum pile cut. The cropper will also hold the cut pile section safely for removal to a designated safe area.

The new Quad XXL is designed to deal with piles of between 900 and 1200mm in size. Weighing in at 3.675tonnes, it is best used on an excavator of at least 31tonnes in weight. The firm says that although the unit is big, it is easy to use. Operation is simple, with the cropper being lowered to the ideal height, with the jaws then being closed until pile sections pop free. The broken pile section then can be removed for recycling to a dumper or a specified area.

Despite its size and power, the new Quad XXL is as efficient as the other members of the range according to NPC.
The new Quad XXL from National Pile Croppers is now available for hire or purchase throughout the UK and will be introduced globally in the coming months.