Paschal has the angle

Formwork manufacturer Paschal says that it has further expanded the application range of its lightweight multi-waler by developing a hinge piece.
Road Structures / December 16, 2020
Paschal’s multi-waler hinge fits onto an acute-angled formwork structure
Paschal’s multi-waler hinge fits onto an acute-angled formwork structure

The multi-waler is compatible with all Paschal formwork systems for stiffening a bracing of panels, for filler pieces and for stop ends as well as a wall stop bar.

The multi-waler for stiffening horizontal and vertical panel joints was itself shown at the bauma trade fair in Munich in 2019. The handy multi-waler hinged part was added shortly afterwards.

The addition of a hinge allows practical connecting of element for both acute- and obtuse-angled concrete structures. Angled structures ranging from an acute 60° to an obtuse 150° angle can be tied. Panel connections mounted around corners can be simply, easily and rapidly stiffened, according to the company, based in Steinach, southern Germany.

Two multi-walers can be joined with a force-fitted connection via the hinged part with bolts and a security pin - stiffening panels around corners couldn't be easier, says Paschal.

The 1.4m-long multi-waler can be connected to the formwork panels using a LOGO clamping piece or, alternatively, using hook headed bolts and a plate with ball-and-socket joint or a waler support DW 15.

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