Bangladesh requires funding for road safety drive

Bangladesh requires substantial funding for a road safety drive to cut crashes.
Road Markings, Barriers & Workzone Protection / March 12, 2020 55 seconds Read
By MJ Woof
Bangladesh’s busy roads feature a wide variety of different users, presenting additional challenges for safety infrastructure - image © courtesy of Dmitry Chulov,

For Bangladesh to meet its target of halving road deaths by 2030, the country needs to spend a further US$7.8 billion. This is the key point from a report by the World Bank.

Better road infrastructure design is one factor needed for Bangladesh to achieve its casualty reduction target. However, the improved road infrastructure will have to be able to cope with a very wide range of road users. In Bangladesh roads are used by a wide variety of traffic including tractors, trucks, buses, minibuses, rickshaws, powered three wheelers, cars, motorcycles and bicycles, not to mention pedestrians and animals.

Adults of working age as well as children bear the brunt of the country’s road casualty rate according to the report, which highlights the economic impact that this has on the country both for the present and the future. Although Bangladesh has a fast growing economy, this is being held back by the high road casualty rate and the deaths of so many young people further impedes future potential. The report also highlights that inadequate spending on targeted road safety initiatives is one reason for the high annual casualty rate.