Geveko acquires French manufacturer Oré

Oré Peinture, which became part of Geveko Markings this month, has 185 employees.
Road Markings, Barriers & Workzone Protection / December 22, 2020 1 minute Read
By David Arminas
Oré Peinture, headquartered in Angers, Francer, was founded as a building paints manufacturer in 1992 (photo courtesy Oré Peinture)

Danish markings maker Geveko has acquired French road marking paint and safety materials manufacturer Oré Peinture - the biggest such deal in Geveko’s 100-year history.

“The acquisition marks a significant milestone in our efforts to grow the liquid markings segment and to offer our customers a complete portfolio of road marking solutions,” said Jesper Salskov Jensen, chief executive of Geveko Markings Group.

Oré Peinture, headquartered in Angers, was founded as a building paints manufacturer in 1992. During the early 2000’s the shifted to road markings and a couple of years later launched its accessibility products range. The company, which became part of Geveko Markings Group on December 17, has 185 employees and the acquisition will increase the size of Geveko Markings’ business by roughly one-third.

“Since its founding in 1992, Oré has built a strong position in the French market for road marking materials and accessibility and safety products as the leading independent supplier,” said founder of Oré, Gilles Salles. “The Oré team will become part of a leading organisation focused on improving mobility and safety globally.”

Geveko Markings has nine production sites as well as a global distribution and supply chain in 80 countries. The company, based in the small Danish market town of Rudkøbing, is owned by Scandinavian investment company Solix.

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