Safety at the core of Corsafe from Candella

Portuguese manufacturer Candela says that its Corsafe anti-skid system has an anti-skid class S5 (≥ 0,65 SRT) rating, the highest for road marking material.
Candella - Corsafe PIC 1.JPG
Corsafe is said to boost grip along complicated road sections such as tight turns or steep climbs where traction is important.

Corsafe also has a certificate of durability ranked as P7 (≥4000,000 wheel passes).

Candela has developed a wide range of anti-skid road coverings enabling an active reduction in braking distances and reducing the probability of vehicle skidding.

Corsafe assists road users in the most provable braking areas, such as approaching traffic lights, dangerous bends, intersections, pedestrian crossings and roundabouts. The company also says that Corsafe can improve grip along more complicated road sections and areas such as tight turns or steep climbs where traction is important.

Candela’s range of anti-skid coatings is available in a wide variety of signal and traffic colours and has different products designed to cope with different levels of traffic and wear. The company says that the products have a proven track record of excellent performance even in the harshest conditions - ranging from Portugal, Spain, France and Switzerland in Europe as well as Angola, Senegal and Morocco in Africa.