Noisy signs from Sphere

Keep it quiet! Sphere’s noise limit warning sign detects oncoming vehicles and, based on the noise they are making, displays a warning message for drivers to ease up on the accelerator.
Sphere makes a lot of noise about its latest warning sign
Sphere makes a lot of noise about its latest warning sign

The noise level can, for example, be set beyond 84dB when passing through a village or neighbourhood whose residents prefer a calmer and quieter environment. Sphere says that the signs are already successfully installed in Austrian villages where there were many complaints from local residents about noise from motorcycle drivers, from spring until autumn.

The noise measuring technology can be easily integrated into the regular radar speed signs.

Sphere also says that its traffic signs can be connected to the internet. Beside displaying speed and noise level to the oncoming drivers, this allows the end user to easily download in real time various traffic statistics, customise the appearance of the LED warning messages and set up various information for the traffic sign to display, such as pollution level and temperature.

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